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Dragonmaw (PvP)
recruit requirements: 372 ilvl minimum. be good at your rotation. be properly gemmed and enchanted. be prepared to play a bench role if we ask, and be willing to sit when we need you to sit. be able to accept criticism and have a sense of humor. if you are easily offended by swear words, this is not
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We are <Adherent> - exclusively a 10 man raiding guild on Dragonmaw-US.

We do not actively recruit by spamming /2, and currently we are taking applications. We understand the value of exceptional players, and if you are one of those - APPLY!

We are above all else tired of the bullshit. Cliques are rampant on our server, and elitist jerks are everywhere. If you are one of those, kindly GTFO. We don't want your drama. Attitudes need to be checked at the door when you show up to raid. We play this game to have fun and not to argue about bullshit.

All raids are scheduled on the in game calendar, and group 1 raid times are set in stone: 7pm Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. We will very rarely go beyond 11pm server time - unless we feel we are close to a kill or have plans to run an extended raid night. This means we raid between 9 and 12 hours a week. This is not really a hardcore raiding guild in that we will not be raiding 5 days / 20+ hours a week. We are more semi-hardcore than casual.

Follow our progression on guildox or wowprogress (check the links section below)

We use loot council, with one member from each role in the raid being considered a council member. One healer, one tank, and one dps. This way all loot distribution is fair.

All raiders are required to contribute to the guild bank for raid mats - flasks, potions, enchant mats, etc.

90% attendance is a must as we require our whole group to be able to progress through hard modes.


Ventrilo + Mic, Updated Addons, Computer that doesn't need to be kickstarted.

Required Addons: DXE
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